APEX Marble & Granite

Founded in 1994, APEX Marble & Granite has built a reputation of providing customers with the finest natural and engineered stone designs, materials and installations. Owner Tom Tsatsaros began his career in the marble and stone industry at age 11 in Greece. In his early 20’s, having worked as an apprentice under a Master Craftsman, Tom was able to open his own marble business in Greece. It wasn’t until Tom came to America to visit family, that he decided to change gears and move to the U.S. and bring his business with him. This eventually led to the opening of APEX Marble & Granite in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, alongside his wife Elena.

Now, over 20 years later, Tom and Elena still own and operate APEX Marble & Granite and carry on with the same motto, “Who can we help today?” Whether the client needs to sit and talk about different possibilities or has the end result set in stone, APEX Marble & Granite will always perform to the highest of standards.

At APEX Marble & Granite there are a multitude of possibilities. With a diverse collection of natural and engineered stones, there are numerous ways to provide clients with the best materials in the industry. Their expert craftsmen excel at design, fabrication and installation, and approach each project as a unique custom design as they know that no two jobs are ever alike. As a local business APEX knows how important it is to have a relationship with clients and as well as being a part of the community; they strive to assist the average homeowner, as well as businesses large or small. As Tom puts it, “Our mission is to provide a quality, professional product for businesses and homeowners alike.” APEX fills each project with confidence and will always focus on satisfying each customer’s individual needs.